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Brooke Thompson is a freelance experience designer specializing in alternate reality gaming, transmedia storytelling, and real world play. A pioneer in the field, she has nearly ten years experience that includes a number of award-winning projects.

immersive experiences
designing them, planning them, developing them
it's what I do

it's what I've always done
not that I understood that when I was five years old
guiding my friends through afternoons of play
inside, outside
at the pool, on the porch, in the yard

as the word grew up and found the internet, so did I
I never lost my sense of play or wonder
the world didn't either

we live in a wired world... a networked world
a world that wants us to explore
to experience
a world that has stories to tell

I tell those stories

online and off
we are connected through our experiences

I design those experiences