Project Abraham

Lead Designer

In 2008, I was contracted by 42 Entertainment to work as the Lead Designer throughout the production of Project Abraham – a promotional campaign for the release of Resistance 2, a PS3 game released by Sony and Insomniac Games.

Project Abraham built up the back story of the game’s protagonist, Nathan Hale, and created a greater understanding of the origin of the monstrous alien threat he and other soldiers fight throughout the video game. Taking place in the alternate history of the Resistance Universe, the story was built up from a photograph of several soldiers that Nathan quickly but longingly looks at in the beginning of the first Resistance game. Nathan and those soldiers were part of a secret military experiment designed to create an immunity to the alien virus. Week by week, players were given the opportunity to help Cassie, played by Katee Sackhoff, decide which of the soldiers under her care would be destined to receive the latest version of the immunization. Unfortunately, the experiments often had a deadly (and gruesome) outcome which were recorded on video that players would then be able view. Throughout the game, players were able to watch interviews with the soldiers and discover hidden details in their personal military files that not only revealed more of the Project Abraham story but foreshadowed and explained information they would discover in Resistance 2.

The project relied heavily on internet video and player participation, but also included weekly phone calls from Cassie, live events, and twists on the more traditional marketing such as a four page spread in GamePro Magazine designed to look like the fictional Popular Technologies, a magazine from the alternate 1940s and, yet, filled with clues to the deeper experience.